DHVM can unburden you completely in respect of the day-to-day aspects of technical management and maintenance. We ensure your property is well maintained and that it meets prevailing structural and technical installation requirements. That way, we ensure your real estate remains attractive to tenants and that the value of your properties is guaranteed in future.

Technical management

Property should be well maintained. The property must comply with the prevailing requirements and standards of the modern era, both structurally and in terms of technical installations. The value of your real estate is guaranteed for the future thanks to superior technical management. DHVM guarantees that the quality and appearance of the property will remain of a high standard.

DHVM resolves technical faults efficiently thanks to its knowledge and experience. DHVM devises an insightful multi-annual plan for expected maintenance, so that responsible investments can be scheduled timeously. We also produce insightful reports on which basis decisions can be taken. If you have queries about outsourcing technical property management, contact us with no obligation.

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